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Some trees like the neem tree ant the peepal tree get dry after some years whereas some trees like banyan tree remain lush green for centuries together because their deep roots have more capacity to suck juices from the soil. This juice is the strength, the energy of the life for them. Old people are banyan trees in the society, they are the elders in the family , and they have knowledge, patience, politeness and compromising nature, experience. Thus institution has made it ideal to utilize the knowledge and experience of the old people leading a retired life for the development of the new generation, for creative works in the society ant to keep such old persons active making lives full of liveliness.


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  • Location : Near Nilkanth Mahadev Temple, Nagalpur, Mehsana-384 002, Gujarat India.
  • Phone : +91 2762 292009                Mobile : +91 98250 35080 (Dr. P.R.Patel)
  • Email : info@snehkutirseniorcitizenshome.org
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